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Multi-Scam Operation Exposed

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I came across a thread and found more information myself. There is a fraudulent company known as "Gone Tech". I misread it and thought it said "Cone Tech" because of the font the logo is in. I came across a number, known as (806) 641-1923. The number will vary for sure. Several hours later, I checked the website and they changed the number to (866) 978-7090. Later on, I went on to google and typed in keyword:cashappsupport and went to the same website and they changed the number. I had no idea I would come across some much information. It is very difficult for me to keep track of all this information. I made several screenshots, shortened URL's, and pasted several links. This must be one of the hardest scam exposures I have ever made in my days of scambaiting.

Official Website

Services they claim to provide

Gmail Support

Facebook Support

Yahoo Support

Hotmail Support

Chime Support

Google Account Recovery

Support Articles (All in chronological order)

Gmail Support Articles

Gmail Customer Service Number

Gmail Helpline Number

Gmail Password Recovery

Gmail Technical Support Phone Number

Recover Hacked Gmail Account

How to Change Gmail Password

Gmail Attachment Size Limit

Delete or Disable Gmail Account

Gmail Signup Process

Recover Deleted Mail (Gmail)

Reset Gmail Password

Tips to secure your Gmail account/Gmail security tips

How to setup a Gmail business account

Google Hangouts Support Articles (In relation to "Gmail Support")

About Google Hangouts

How to use Google Hangouts

Benefits of Google Hangouts

Facebook Support Articles

Facebook Customer Service Number

Facebook Helpline Number

Facebook Technical Support Phone Number

Reset Facebook Password

Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Unlock Facebook Account

How To Protect Facebook Account

Facebook Account Unavailable

Create Facebook Account

Delete/Deactivate Facebook Account

Change Facebook Password

How To Turn Off Facebook Notifications

How To Unblock Facebook Proxy

Facebook Messenger Connection Issues

Unable To Find Facebook Signup Confirmation Email

How To Activate Disabled Facebook Account

How To Setup a Facebook Business Page

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Facebook Messenger Online

Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger

Yahoo Support Articles

Yahoo Customer Service Number

Yahoo Helpline Number

Yahoo Password Recovery

Yahoo Technical Support Number

Recover Hacked Yahoo Account

Configuring Yahoo Mail in Microsoft Outlook

Change Your Yahoo Password

Reset Yahoo Password

Create a Filter in Yahoo Mail

Setup Yahoo Account Key

How To Restore Deleted Missing Contacts in Yahoo Mail

How To Backup Yahoo Emails

How To Delete Yahoo Account

Yahoo Sign-Up & Sign-In Problems

Hacked Yahoo Email/How To Successfully Tackle Down Yahoo Mail Problems

Cash App Support Articles

Cash App Customer Service

Square Cash App Hacked

Hotmail Support Article

Chime Support Article

Google Account Recovery

This is the address they claim to be located:

1695 Lenmar Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80905, USA

Proof: - Google Earth - Google Maps

(This is a shortened URL and your information will not be collected. I've used the service many times and the URL shortening service has no sign of showing information. It only anonymously lets me know how many clicks were given).

All the services they provide (It was in their webpage bar, whatever it's called)

Open the image itself in another tab

View it here:

Contact Information:

Social Media platforms they're involved in:




Their article webpage

Initiate contact with them

About them

Burn it to the ground

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