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General Scambaiting Guidelines

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General posting guidelines

  • Private messages are just that, private. If you receive a private message, do not repeat it in the open forums without the permission of the person who sent it to you.
  • If you have a personal vendetta against someone, first of all, why? But if you must continue this blood feud, please try to confine your arguments via email or the Board's private messaging system. Personal attacks on other members on the Board will not be tolerated, no matter who is right and who is wrong.
  • Please respect your fellow poster. If they ask a question or make a post you consider to be a 'newbie' post, don't flame them for it. Rather, offer assistance and take the opportunity to show off how smart you are. Remember, you were a newbie once too.
  • Please do not post individual scam letters in the Main forums unless they are really something extraordinary. Most members have set up special 'catcher accounts' and receive literally hundreds of scam letters per day. If you have surplus scam letters that you cannot handle, but really should not go to waste, please post them in the 'Surplus Scam Letters' forum.
  • Moderators have the privilege of locking threads, deleting posts and threads, giving members the status of "WARNED", and suspending members. Moderators also serve to keep the Board content consistent and uncluttered. Moderators have been assigned their specific forum but they have these privileges in all the forums on this Board. Please do not start threads about closed or deleted threads. If you have a problem with any of the Moderators' decisions, send a PM to the moderator in question or the Moderator of the forum in which it happened. If you absolutely cannot resolve your issue with the moderating team, PM a forum Admin (cdizzie).
  • Do not post someone's personal address, phone number or other personal information without his or her consent. This applies to both members' information and victims' information. Of course this does not apply to any information you have on the scammers. If you do come across victim information, consider forwarding it to a Moderator or Admin.
  • Please do not post things that are easily abused by the scammers. This is a public board and scammers can and do visit occasionally. So: no passport templates, no guides to document forgery, etc. Use common sense here. Try to keep your valuables in PM.
  • If you post something or link to something that is not safe for viewing at work (or near children, etc.), please indicate so in your thread title or above your link with the notation NSFW.
  • While we do not allow posting links for the purposes of promotion (see below), there are times when it is necessary to share videos of lads, sound files, input forms, etc. Please keep in mind the following regarding the posting of links and externally hosted baiting content to Dizzie Forums.
  • There seems to be rampant paranoia about Google lately, and an increasingly overwhelming use of leeting to prevent any name from being found in a search. Please, to make it easier on everyone, take a moment before leeting a name to think about whether it really serves any purpose. Leeting is hard to read, especially for those who are dyslexic, non-native English users or vision-impaired and rely on text-to-speech software. If it's a situation where you absolutely must obfuscate a name, consider using the "mask" feature -- bracket the name between mask tags [mask ] [ /mask] and it will become unsearchable. However, please note that this feature takes up bandwith so use it sparingly! Only mask one or two words, never mask entire paragraphs. If you do have good cause to leet (which is perhaps .0001% of the time), just change ONE character. Please don't write "P47r1(|{ J0n3$" when "Patrick J0nes" would be more than enough to obfuscate it.
  • Do not post email addresses, profile links, or phone numbers without sourcing them to a scam mail, fake site, or other verifiable evidence of scamming. The potential for abuse of non-scammers is too great. We're not saying that you would point other baiters towards an ex-significant whatever, cheating spouse, or that neighbor who never returned your power tools. We are saying that in the past, others have. Moderators reserve the right to remove un-sourced phone numbers, links, or email addresses, or just delete that particular post entirely (they're like your credit card company, lots of reserved rights).
  • Please do not abuse the 'quote' function when replying to posts unless it is necessary to clarify the point being made. When answering a post that is directly above your post, there is generally no reason to quote the previous post unless it is to include a specific clip. Where a 'quote' is required to accentuate or clarify something regarding your response, please edit out all that is not required. This will keep the thread clean to read and save on disk space. Avoid 'double-posting' as well - that is making a post in a thread, and then making another post right beneath your prior post. Just use that fancy 'edit' button and add in your next idea.
  • The Moderators can create additional rules and guidelines for their specific forum. These apply in addition to all these rules and guidelines so keep an eye on stickies and announcements in the various forums.
  • If you have any comments or questions, feel free to PM the Moderator of the specific forum, or any other Moderator if the Moderator you seek is not available.
  • If you see something crossing the line posted on any of the forums, click the 'report this post to a moderator' link at the bottom right of the post. Please don't abuse this feature and use it to drag the moderator into any personal dispute you may have. If you must fight, and again, we wish you wouldn't, keep those hidden away in PMs or e-mails.
  • Here at DF, signatures are used to show off and inform, but only in the spirit of baiting. Lad insults and threats, icons and links to helpful tools, threads and information are welcome. If you're thinking about putting something in your signature that doesn't deal with baiting, please reconsider. As with posts, Moderators and Admins retain the right to edit your signature without notice (although we try to give you the benefit of the doubt).
  • Please avoid thread necromancy (that is: posting in a thread that has been inactive for several weeks to bump it back to the top of a forum again). Old threads have usually little relevance anymore. Also, members that posted in it may not be around anymore. If you want to bring up an old discussion again because you have something of value to add, post a new thread and put a link in it to the old thread. That way people do not have to read through all the old posts to see what is new.
  • Don't feed the troll. Either ignore it, give it some household tips or alert a Moderator.
  • Links that are posted for the purpose of promoting a channel, service, website etc. rather than as a legitimate and necessary venue to share baiting content will be removed.
  • Links to sites that contain other videos where people's information may be exposed are not allowed. For example, do not host your baits on your personal YouTube channel.
  • If your content is hosted to any site where people login (Facebook, Google Drive, etc.) you must include a reminder to people to logout of their real life profiles before clicking the links.
    • Social media sites are notorious for tracking / linking this information
    • LinkedIn for example shows users the name of every person who views a profile so if you ever viewed a lad's fake LinkedIn page while logged in, they saw your real life page.
    • Facebook logs all visits and uses them for recommendations. There have been cases where baiting characters were given other baiters real life facebooks as friend suggestions because the other baiter viewed the page while logged into their real facebook.
    • The last thing we need are people's RL and baiting profiles being mixed up and/or exposed.
  • Include the site name in the link so baiters know where they are going. For example, write "Check out my call with this lad posted to YouTube" instead of "Check out my call with this lad here".

    What is absolutely not allowed

    • Duplicate accounts are not allowed. If you want to post something that you don't want to post with your main posting name on it, don't post it at all. Duplicate accounts will be banned without notice upon discovery and the main account will be given a warning.
    • We do not permit advertising of other websites or business interests, fund raising, or recruiting for other internet forums, whether baiter-related or not. Exceptions are made in rare circumstances. Please contact a Moderator or Admin for further information.
    • Hardcore Pornographic images are not allowed. The odd breast or full frontal picture if necessary to the post is fine, but images of a very sexual nature will be removed immediately when found.
    • Other shocking material, such as pictures of mutilation, death or other offensive non-sexual images are completely forbidden. Again, if your posts features anything way over the top, it will be deleted.
    • Do not post links to warez or piracy. Like many of the above items, they are illegal. We would like this Board to stay open for the enjoyment of all our members.
    • We do not involve innocent third parties (ITPs) in our baits. This means any real person or entity, regardless of your opinion of them, who has not consented to be involved in your bait. You may use contact information of confirmed advance fee fraud scammers such as we bait here, but do not use contact information for any other third party, including, but not limited to: police departments or other law enforcement agenies, hotline phone numbers, telemarketing companies, shady mortgage brokers, etc.
    • Dizzie Forums has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON HARASSMENT, particularly for inappropriate and unwanted sexual behavior. The safety and security of our membership is our first concern and victimization and/or harassment will not be tolerated within the board environment any more than it would be outside it. If you encounter such behavior, or anything else that makes you feel uneasy, please report it to any Moderator via PM.
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