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Method #1 to obtain scam numbers

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Greetings, I have seen a large amount of people requesting for numbers and even methods on how to obtain Technical Support Scam Numbers, I am going to share one of my methods here with you today It works exceptionally well to harvest numbers quickly and also works to gain active ones.

Step 1: Navigate to and be sure you have nothing typed into the search bar

Step 2: Type into the search bar "keyword:" without the quotation marks

Step 3: Now this is where the interesting part comes after you have typed "keyword:" you need to follow it by the technical support scam, for example "keyword:printersupport" now it helps to add "number" onto the end of it to gain numbers and not just the website URL's for example "keyword:canonprintersupport" would be "keyword:canonprintersupportnumber"

This will gain you a LOT of numbers in a short amount of time and will aid in your scam-baiting.

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Thanks again,

Happy Scambaiting.

Burn it to the ground

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